Management Services

Basic Management Plan

- Action necessary settings through the control panel.
- Examination of the rules of website data and assist in the operation.
- Resolve the e-mail problems and assistance in its use.
- Solving problems relating to point the domain to the service and the DNS.
- Action necessary adjustments to services PHP and Apache or IIS.

Advanced Management Plan

- All the if Basic management plan.
- Work of all periodic updates to the operating system and services installed on it, and deactivate non-essential services and unused.
- Work of more than a backup cumulative daily, weekly and monthly inside the server and retrieved when the customer's request.
- Adjust and improve the performance of web server and associated services to him and activating the Caching to get the best speed to describe sites hosted and maintained on a regular basis.
- Installation of programs to protect against viruses and CXS CSF or the Kaspersky, and the creation of a comprehensive safety and protection settings, adjust and improve the firewall settings and protection at the server level.

Professional Management Plan

- All the functions of the advanced management plan.
- CloudFlare Pro service activation mail to a site or domain only one.
- Add the server on your surveillance system to monitor the company's services and software installed on the server resources consumed him and make sure the speed of server performance.
- The allocation of 100 GB external storage space to save more than a backup cumulative monthly on them.
- Installation and operation of SSL certificate to ensure traded data encryption to and from the server as well as a website for only one domain.
- Provide advice and guidance and recommendations for the client in terms of getting the best performance for applications hosted on its own server.

Cloudflare Pro

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