Cancellation And Refund

* Cancellation Requests

1 - Request to cancel the service at the end of the period of hosting ,

When requesting cancellation of the service at the renewal date ,
this is done through  customer area and write the reason for cancellation request
A follow up call is a confirmation mady by Exahost customer support team
Steps to cancel the service upon renewal:

  1. - Entry to the customer area
  2. - Access to services
  3. - Access the required service page
  4. - From the Manage box, a cancellation request is selected

2- Request to cancel the service immediately
With the same steps as the previous request and follow-up by the customer service team
Note : that if the immediate service cancel , no backup can be requested or returned after the cancellation request has been executed

* Refund Policy

Exahost offers a guarantee of reimbursement for shared hosting plans only for 30 days from the date of participation
The refund of the full amount is not deducted from any value

The amount is refunded via the same payment channel from our payment channels

The request for refund is made via a request in a ticket from the customer's account with a request for cancellation and refund
The order is confirmed by a call from the customer support team

If the refund is by bank transfer Al Rajhi Bank / Al Ahly takes the refund amount from 7 to 10 working days

  • If the refund is via Paypal, the amount is refunded immediately
  • As for other payment methods, reference is made to the accounts section

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